How To Choose Curtains For Your Home

1. Consider your window size

Would you like curtains or blinds? Long windows suit floor to ceiling curtains. A blind may be more suitable for small and narrow windows.

2. Look at the style of your home

Is it formal or informal? The header you pick will create a certain look. Take your time reviewing the header options available to you that suit your aesthetic. Keep the style of your curtain consistent in each room.

3. What is the role of your curtain?

Who and what will the room be used for? For example, blockout curtains may suit kids room when they need to be sleeping. Each room will have different requirements.

4. Position

Harsh sun can damage your curtains. To reduce this problem: choose a fabric that has a good UV protection rating and stack back your curtains as much as possible.

5. Lining

Have good quality lining. Lined curtains create a thermal insulation barrier at the window. When drapes are professionally fitted, these lined drapes help reduce heat loss by 40-60%.

6. Budget

You get what you pay for. Consult with a professional about your options. We offer a free consultation!

Sourcing: All contents are referred from JAMESDUNLOP TEXTILES.COM