Honeycomb Blinds

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Honeycomb blinds provide many benefits such as heat loss prevention and versatility.


  • 25mm and 45mm pocket single cell pockets.
  • Fabric options: light filtering, sheer & blockout.
  • Available in 33 classic & contemporary colours.



  • Bottom up: operates like a traditional blind.
  • Day & Night Blind: control the light in different conditions while still maintaining privacy.
  • Skylight Blind: light control and insulation. Available in light filtering or blockout fabrics.
  • Top Down & Botton Up: operates like a traditional blind or lower them from the top up.



  • Cord control: Drawcord on the left or right side of your blind.
  • Cordless: adjust blind by moving its handle. Available for 25mm fabric only.
  • Motorised: motorised control. Available in 25mm & 45mm bottom up and 25mm skylight blinds.


Images courtesy of Aspect Blinds.