Finding the right curtain size

How to measure curtains:



The measurement you are taking should be in most cases the width of the window plus any stack back. This measurement will then become the track or rod length. To calculate these amounts allow 100mm of stacking per side for each 1m of track with a minimum of 200mm. This can vary, but is a good rule of thumb. If the window width is 2000mm plus 200mm stack back each side, this gives a total of 2400mm track length.



Measure from the top of the frame to the floor and add the appropriate distance above the frame for your curtain finished length. If there is an existing track, measure from the top of the track to the floor and make relevant additions and deductions. For large windows, ranch sliders and folding doors, take at least three measurement points across the width of the window to ensure that the floor is level. Where the track is being installed above the architrave, add approximately 10mm on the length of the curtain to compensate for any slight variances when the curtain is being manufactured.