How To Choose Colour and Patterns


Decide how you want the space to feel


Neutral and lighter shades:

  • Gives feeling of a larger space.
  • Perfect backdrop to showcase furniture or artwork.

Darker walls:

  • Moody atmosphere providing drama.
  • Makes space appear smaller and cosier.


  • Make a mood board of patterns so you can get an idea of what patterns will work well together.
  • Pinterest is great for this!


Consider the size and scale of the design:

  • To show the full potential of a fabric, smaller pieces (dining chairs/stools) won’t work as well.
  • Larger spaces like a grand entrance way would suit a larger pattern than a small pattern.


Mix and matching patterns:

  • Make sure a colour from one of the fabrics are included in the contrasting fabric in some way.
  • Keep it consistent (colour, line or scale).

Sourcing: All contents are referred from JAMESDUNLOP TEXTILES.COM