Honeycomb Blinds

NZ MadeHoneycomb Blinds represent some of the best insulating blinds in the market. These blinds provide energy efficiency and sound absorption properties to the home. They provide UV control and block external heat, whilst resisting heat loss from within the room. Such insulation properties help reduce the use of heaters in winter and air-conditioning in summer.

Elegance Honeycomb Blinds from Windowear have a 2 Year warranty and are made in NZ.

• Available in Translucent and Blockout fabrics.
• Blinds fold away to a small discrete stack when not in use.
• Honeycomb’s are a great blind all-year-round. 
• It is the uniquely designed shape of the Honeycomb blind that traps heat in the comb shape and creates excellent sound reduction.
• To ensure colour matching, all cellular shade blinds must be ordered at the same time. This will eliminate possible variations due to the nature of the fabric.

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Honeycomb Blinds Blockout 
Reduce Unwanted Light
Where light control is an important consideration choose from our Blockout fabric range. Silver lined for complete opacity, these shades block virtually all incoming light. For extra light control, outside fit these blinds or use Side Channels to further reduce any light gap issues. Blockout Honeycomb shades are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, media rooms, or any room where less light means more comfort. Windoware sources the latest fabrics from around the globe. Our Blockout fabrics are available in a range of complementary neutrals or fashion colours to make a statement.
Translucent Honeycombs
Insulate Your Windows
Honeycomb Blinds Translucent offer filtered light into a room without compromising the thermal qualities of the blind. Whether you need to block the harsh UV glare, protect your furnishings or minimize heat loss, these blinds can provide the ideal solution. Available in a range of contemporary neutrals through to adventurous fashion colour statements.




• Insulate your windows - the best blind insulation available.
• Honeycomb blinds feature a unique honeycomb design that maximises energy efficiency while folding away discreetly.
• The unique Honeycomb design traps heat within the comb.
• They resist heat loss, control UV and block external heat, this reduces the use of heaters in winter and air conditioning in summer.
• Effective noise reduction and insulation.
• Blinds stack away to the smallest stack to stay out of the way.
• White backing to the fabric gives a uniform look to the outside of the house regardless of the colour inside.
• Blockout Blinds feature metalized backing to prevent light seepage.
To achieve complete blockout, externally fit your Blind.