Window Treatment Trend Predictions 2022

Neutral Colours

Mental health has been a big issue during this pandemic. As more and more people create spaces in their homes to work from home, neutral colours have been popular in helping them with their mental health. Green colours are popular in self-care and nourishment. Market research by PPG Paints showed that there was a 240% increase in searches for green colours every year.

Not only did the colour green influence self-care, it also influenced sustainability and organic living. The inability to travel due to restrictions has also influenced interiors these past 2 years. This has resulted in a rise in popularity for tropical prints in homes.


Looking back in history, humans tend to live in colour after experiencing hardship. For example, after the Great Depression came the Roaring 20's. History tends to repeat itself therefore, we may begin to see bolder colours in the interiors of homes as we (hopefully) near the end of this pandemic. These include contrasting colours such as pinks, greens and gold.

Patterns & Textures

Layers of patterns and textures have become increasingly popular to create a visually appealing element in a room. A combination of patterns, colours and textures create a room with many layers of personality. Wallpaper are slowly becoming more popular as it allows users to easily remove them when they want to refresh their rooms again.


Sourcing: All contents are referred from JAMESDUNLOP TEXTILES.COM