How To Look After Your Curtains


Stability and Movement

  • Polyester, acrylic and cotton blends are best for stability and movement.
  • Take caution with fabrics that absorb or release a lot of moisture such as silk and linen.
  • These fabrics tend to "move" more in length.



  • Polyester and acrylic are best in humid environments.
  • Take caution with natural fibres such as cotton, linen, silk, wool and viscose.
    • Mildew grows on natural fibres.
    • To help with mildew, make sure there is good air circulation in the room, hang curtains at least 10cm away from the window and maintain regular vacuuming and cleaning.
    • Although, keep in mind this is no guarantee.



Sunlight/UV Degradation 

  • Polyester and acrylic are best in sunlight.
  • Take caution with silk and wool.
    • If acrylic and polyester fabrics experience colour change, the problem is within the dye or cleaning process, not the fibre.
    • Recommendation: protect curtains with a quality lining and stack curtains away from the window.



Sourcing: All contents are referred from JAMESDUNLOP TEXTILES.COM