After Care


Welcome to After Care. This is where we will show you how to take care and manage your new curtains and blinds after we have installed them.

1. How to train your curtains?

Step 1: Fold fabric along pleats

Step 2: Tie fabric together loosely, repeat at top, middle and bottom

Step 3: Leave the drapes tied for minimum 48 hours, for the best result for 2-3 weeks

Tips: for stubborn pleats use a bobby pin at the back of the pleat to hold it in place



2. How to care for velvet curtains?

Velvet is a luxurious fabric that can add softness to a place. Although, it should be handled with care.

We recommend adding lining to your velvet to protect them against UV light exposure. By protecting your velvet from UV light exposure, this will reduce colour fading and the degradation of the fibres.

Hand contact with velvet will likely crush the texture of the pile therefore, we recommend opening and closing your velvet curtains with a pull cord or rod. We recommend drawing your velvet curtains across after hanging to allow the pile to breathe and relax. 

Your velvet curtains will relax differently depending on the environment it is in. Velvet curtains will relax well on their own in humid environments. However in dry climates, they will often need assistance. Here, they can be sprayed with fine water mist to dampen the fabric a little. Next, leave it to dry without being touched. Most creases and marks will have gone and the pile will be lifted after drying. (Please note: we recommend a professional curtain installer to undertake this technique as the velvet may be permanently marked if done incorrectly).

Storage: Always store in a horizontal hanging position. You can suspend it in the original box. Storing velvet vertically will cause creases that are difficult to remove.

Rolling: Always roll velvet with the pile surface on the inside. Roll tightly against the pile to ensure the pile does not flatten during storage or transportation.

Cleaning: Dry cleaning is the preferred method for cleaning velvet. Naturally drying velvet is the best technique instead of tumble drying.